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About the Project

Picture of a Florida Roadway

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) studied alternatives to replace the structurally deficient SR A1A North Causeway Bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway (ICWW). The preferred solution was to replace the existing bridge, which includes a bascule span at the main waterway channel, with a high-level fixed bridge crossing over the FEC Railroad, Old Dixie Highway, and the ICWW. The new bridge will have 85 feet of vertical clearance (↕) and 125 feet of horizontal clearance (↔) at the main waterway channel.


St. Lucie County, Florida

FM Number: 429936-2-22-01


New facility will provide:

  • 8-foot (ft) sidewalk on the southside, a 10-ft buffered shared-use path along north side, two 12-ft travel lanes in each direction, and two 7-ft buffered bicycle lanes in each shoulder along SR A1A
  • Extension of Juanita Avenue from US 1 to Old Dixie Highway
  • Connection of US 1 and Old Dixie Highway along Sunny Lane
  • High-level fixed bridge with an 85-ft vertical clearance and an 125-ft horizontal clearance at the main waterway channel
  • Continuous flow of vehicular traffic over the ICWW by eliminating the existing bridge openings
  • SR A1A crossing over of the FEC Railway and Old Dixie Highway
  • Reduction of vehicles crossing the FEC Railway from 8,000 per day to only 100 per day; reducing potential conflicts
  • Observation Deck beneath the west side of the new bridge structure

Image showing improvements within the project area.

Project Purpose

  • Improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists

    The existing bridge has pedestrian facilities on one side. The proposed design will provide a 10-ft wide shared-use path on the north side to accommodate the East Coast Greenway (https://www.greenway.org/) and 8-ft sidewalk on the south side (both separated from traffic by a barrier) as well as accommodations for bicyclists.
  • Perform traffic analysis to improve operation

    A detailed traffic analysis was performed during the PD&E study. This traffic analysis will consider other improvements (transit, roadway, etc.) planned nearby this project and their effect on traffic flow. 
  • Minimize environmental impacts associated with improvements

    The project is located within the Indian River-Vero Beach to Ft. Pierce aquatic preserve, and is in an environmentally sensitive area that is used for recreation.  The project team will evaluate design alternatives to avoid and minimize impacts to environmental resources resulting from replacement of the bridge. The avoidance and minimization of environmental impacts includes natural, physical, social and cultural resources within the project area. A mitigation plan will be evaluated to compensate for unavoidable impacts.